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A Post Inspired by the Picture # Friday Refelctions

I'm joining Friday Reflections on the prompt "Write a post inspired by the picture provided."

I was reaching the end of the tether.  Like the three goats that I have seen in a dream. Three goats, tethered to one piece of  gnarled, dried, old log that was lying flat in a room.  The room was dark but the goats were visible in the light poking in its head around through the door ajar and though many chink on the roof. The goats wore on its body, thick coats of long shinning, sleek silky fur. One nanny goat and two billy goats. Their backward turning hones were in a brownish black shade. With big eyes beaming with innocence, that we find always in children.

Their tether too matched with the colour of their coat; silky white, made by twisting together strands of nylon.  All three were nibbling on things found on the floor, and were walking steadily, making kind of circular motion, so that their ropes never got tangled. It was interesting to watch how could they went on doing…