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Writing a Recipe for Human Mind

If there were no hunger would there be any food recipes. That is, if the growth and the well-being of our metabolism is sustained through breathing or a process equivalent to that, there wouldn't have been any hunger, or need for food. That alone would have cut down the world's activities and enterprises from its present measure to one forth or even less than that.

No food preparation, no food shows, no celebrity cook, no cook book, no recipe, no recipe- book, no restaurants, no hotels, no kitchen in our homes, no agriculture, no farming.  We can only imagine  how grotesque our world would have become.

So what all kinds of activities and enterprises in this world are sustained by that single factor called HUNGER and the other side of the coin RECIPE, have no end insight. There are many hungers, of course varying in terms of their intensities.  Hunger for  food is the most basic among all those, means its a need; without having food humans cannot survive.  But there are others…