About me/introduction to my writing.

I write because when I experience certain things, I want to react. React may not be the right word, because it implies an action, a physical action. I do not imply a physical action but a mental action. The unpleasant things in question must have happened in that way because of somebody's deliberate intention to harm, somebody's belief in certain dogmas, or somebody
imitating somebody else who they think are important in their lives, so on and so forth.

 All unpleasant things cause pain in people's lives. Personally, I have also faced such pains in my life. So I can very easily relate with such pain. And if I make mention of such pain in a more dramatic/innovative manner in my stories that might resonate with the readers . And that might desist them from causing pain to people in their lives. This may not be always possible, but may not be impossible.   If it was always possible, story writers could have resolved a whole lot of social and personal problems happening in our societies.

Writing also brings in own satisfaction. Writing is indeed a joyful process. That's what I think. It gives the writer a chance to organize  his or her  thoughts beautifully, so that those who read are also able to duplicate that joy. That's if  the writer can organise thoughts beautifully and appealingly. Writing is also innovative and creative.

And, it depends on the language and thoughts too. Language and thoughts are two unique aspects of humans that make them different from all other species. So writing cannot be parted from these two developmental aspects of humanity; in that way writing should be intelligent and developmental. It demands hard work and dedication from writers.

Me being a second language writer in English, I have to fulfill a lot of demands with regard to make my writing interested to readers.

There're lot more things that are coming to my mind, but I think I wrote already a lot.

Thanks a lot for having patience and time to read me till this point.  You may agree or disagree with me, and if you feel like sharing your thoughts with me, I'll be very happy.

Currently, I'm working on my first novel.  It's inspired by the contemporary happenings in Kerala, where modernity and pseudo secularism have replaced the traditional dogmas with a new set of social-political and economical ones. And how a young family, father an egotistical, socially prejudiced man, his wife supportive and critical of him, daughter and son, victimized by the circumstances struggles through the situations and finally grows and evolves.

This is my contact email: prasannaragh@gmail.com