Stroke of Serendipity

From My Personal File

The number of times, the boat of serendipity rowed me up to the shore of incredible kindness and blessings would exceed the fingers on my both hands. 

To mention something of what happened the latest, my husband and I began hunting for a house/flat to settle down after retirement.  We were working in Grahamstown, South Africa. The purpose was to downsize in terms area and expenses, once the children had left home the space of the family home became redundant, and maintenance was costing a lot.  The new city in our choice was Cape Town, for the apparent reason that both our children had already settled there.  Since we would be travelling to India quite often, it should be a lock-up and go. 

With all those plans in mind, we travelled to Cape Town to hunt for our new dream home, and the time we allocated for the search was a month.  We had gathered extensive information from different real estate websites.  Their agents were smart and professional, we realised when we met, raising hopes that the business would be done and dusted in a week. 

But as the end of the month approached, the project remained sadly unaccomplished.  None of the nearly forty places we had viewed in that month time, hadn't obtained 60% percent positive marks on our checklist. Plenty houses and flats passed with flying colours according to our criteria but not in the particular area we wanted, closer to our children.  Beautiful stand alone houses were a security risk to people like us who were intending to travel often, and security complexes hadn't got the security enough, the floor area wasn't appropriate.  The negative remarks went on like that. 

As frustration was mounting up, we decided to pack up our bags and go back to Grahamstown.

That evening, once again I went through my diary.  To my surprise, I discovered a  telephone number and the name of an estate agent, in an obscure corner of it.  I remembered talking to her before we went to Cape Town, and she had referred to a place, which I didn't think of giving much attention due to whatever reason I didn't know.  It was an estate of security complexes.  I called her, summoning all enthusiasm remained in me.  And she responded in a sparkling voice that two flats were available in one Complex. And immediately allocated a visiting time for us for next day.  How would I explain other than sheer serendipity that I looked into that obscure corner of my dairy that remained discarded for all the time? The flat was hundred percent.  The sales deal was made in three days, and the rest was history. 
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