Shallots in pots

This week on #FridayReflections, I chose to write something about #shallots and #gardening. 

Description and Cultivation

What are shallots?

They appear in clusters of offsets, each offset looking similar to small brown onions.  Some are elongated and some are round in shape.  I have always seen the round variety in Kerala, They are commonly confused with green onions and spring onions. Eschalots, French shallots and golden shallots are other names they are known in different parts of the world. 

In Kerala, it is called cheriya ulli or chuvanna ulli, in Tamil region,  chinna or sambar vengayam. It belongs to the botanical variety of a species Allium cepa.  

It's cultivated in different parts of the world at different times.  In northern hemisphere from September to October, in some other parts, in February or the beginning of March. 

It's a plant propagated by offsets. While planting, top of offsets needs be kept a little raised above the ground. After the roots have taken hold, the soil is drawn away, allowing space for the new bulbs to mature.

Culinary uses

The first culinary delight that comes to my mind when I think of shallot is Sambar, might be the case with all people of the south in India. It is widely used in Asian cuisines in chopped and deep-fried form. 

Shallots in pots.

In my previous post, I wrote how I found my flat in Cape Town. I like growing vegetables, which was possible in the compound of our free-standing home in Grahamstown. In the new flat, I started doing a little bit of pot-gardening on the balcony.

This time I planted some shallots, and they are growing well.  A clove per pot was planted, and many offsets are coming from each.  
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