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Fear Blocks Creativity- Willingness to Take Risks

Fear is a first class impediment to all sorts of human activities, creativity is one important among them.  Being bloggers we know it well. How many of our planned projects are simply gathering dust  in our inner world. We fear to bring them out before others. 
And whom do we fear? We fear everybody starting from our family and immediate relatives. Even in those you bestow complete trust might surprise you with their responses when you disclose your inner most desire - to  write a book.

Can You Learn to be Creative?

Can youlearn to be creative? Of course you can. If one's not convinced about that, look around, and have a comparison between the world you saw ten years ago and now. That we are now able to have this discussion itself is proving we are creative. Before ten years, me sitting in Africa had to wait for weeks or even months to know what were happening in the lives of my people at home in Kerala, and in my country. But the internet made it possible that information is a matter of seconds or minutes. What we need are the right gadgets like computers, cell phones etc. These gadgets are the outcomes of human creativity. They initially have been formed as ideas in human minds. 

How did it all start?

How did it all start? I just grabbed my little pencil and started scribbling the first line of a story, I was eight.   

I don't remember its lines now, but the story was about our dog.Our watchdog, who was of my age and my playmate. We all loved and pampered him, and as though taking advantage of that sometimes he would do naughty things like chasing after a cat, or a bird, once he tore open a ball after grabbing it from me with his jaws. I only appreciated that and clapping hands I encouraged him. We called him Nelson, I called him Nel. 

Nel was friendly with our chickens, many in numbers, my mother had got a big hen-house to coop them in our backyard. Keeping the chicken was part of my mom's home management for adding extra protein to our meals regarding eggs and occasional meat. And Nel had a significant role to play in that to guard the chickens, especially in the nighttime. 

As time went by, Nel began to be adventurous in his playing endeavours with chickens. He would be pre…