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Shallots in pots

#shallots and #gardening. 

Description and Cultivation

What are shallots?

They appear in clusters of offsets with a head composed of multiple cloves. Its colour varies from golden brown to rose red, the type found in Kerala is rose red. Some are elongated and some round in shape. I have always seen the round variety in Kerala commonly confused with green onions and spring onions. Eschalots, French shallots and golden shallots are other names used in different parts of the world. 

Review for "Exit West" by Mohsin Hamid

A book review of the novel, Exit West by Mohsin Hamid,  shortlisted for the 2017 Man Booker price.
Exit West:
ISBN: 0735212171 (ISBN13: 9780735212176)
No of Pages: 231. 
Exit West is the love story of Nadia and Saeed, but not the usual type, happening in a nameless country. Nadia is individualistic and brave and had moved out of her home before she met Saeed. Saeed is homely and lives with his parents. Both are from conservative family set up. They meet at Nadia's flat, where one day she initiates sex, but Saeed discourages her. He believes in having sex only after marriage, his parents had fallen in love but had sex only after they got married. Tradition beckons him. 

After a break

This time, it was a short visit, from Cape Town to Kerala. Not a very planned one, but circumstances sometimes do not give you many choices.  It was one such circumstance.
Now, I'm back in Cape Town.
To say something about Kerala, this time, it was the time of festivals in temples and also Christmas.  Actually, on Christmas day, I was in the plane-Emirates Airways.  I thought, being the X-mas day, plenty seats would be left vacant in the plane, the majority travellers being believers who might want to keep indoors on the day Jesus was born into this world.  It was just my presumption, not based on any study, but, I was wrong.  Not a single seat was left vacant.

Once again in Kerala, the hot biting weather was uncomfortable. Being humid, the air was filled with water content but had become a part of the daily life there. Moreover, water is considered a purifying medium, whether it's condensed in the air or free-flowing. In the airport toilet at Kochi arrivals, you get into toil…

Stroke of Serendipity

The number of times, the boat of serendipity rowed me up to the shore of incredible kindness and blessings would exceed the fingers on my both hands. 

A girl in the neighborhood

"Shall we not visit the classroom?" Shruthi asked Maria, the school counsellor. 
Commerce 3.  Out of the three girls missing from the school, two --Gauthami and Clara --came from that class.  
"Of course, that's a priority of the hour," Sara didn't have to think twice. 

A writer follows human myseries

This post is inspired by two talks I listened to recently.  The first one is in my mother tongue, Malayalam, by Sunil.P. Ilayidam. My post is not entirely about what he presents about Ramayana, which of course is enjoyable to listen, according to me, but only a small part of it.  (My apologies to those who cannot grasp my mother tongue

 He explores the questions, who is a writer/poet or what is it that motivates a writer to write a story.  Quoting Kalidasa, the ancient Indian poet, he defines a writer is the one who continues his creative journey after human sorrows.  Valmiki was a hunter -turned poet.  Ratnakaran was his original name. He turned to be Valmiki, the most significant Indian poet of all time at the instance he witnessed the sorrow of a female bird suffering the departure of her beloved male friend.  A hunter just shot an arrow through his heart and killed him.  That is the opening scene of Ramayana. 

Ilayidam carries on, in the onset of Ramayana, Valmiki was in search of …

Showing versus Telling

In creative writing, we always hear showing versus telling.  What does that mean? It means you create a scene in a story, showing all details rather than explaining it. Or do not make it expositional, or describe, only show.  For, e.g. instead of telling your character was angry, show how his eyes went red-shot, his mouth quirked in disgust, he stamped on the floor etc.