Radicalization of Kerala youths

How alarming is the theory that 21 people, some say, over 40, were recruited from Kerala to join the IS in Siria and Afganistan? It's a theory so far because the Kerala government has no tangible evidence to prove they were truly the cases of IS recruitment. They could have gone on a pilgrimage and emerge later is a possibility, so we have to wait until the official confirmation comes from the government.  Until then we go one making our own theories and facts. However, the government has started investigating.

In the meantime, media houses are making news reports on the matter. Here's one that comes from the NDTV

Here is another panel discussion on the matter, which is bringing out valid points on the radicalisation of Indians in the context of what happened in Kerala.

One dangerous thing in Kerala politics is the politicising of religions; they call it appeasement politics and no political party exempt itself from trying this, though each one employs this to mud-slinging the other.  And The political spat over the issue has already started.

It is parents of those missing children who brought to the attention of the chief minister of Kerala their fear that their missing children might have undergone radicalization.  And how the government is going to address it with the political honesty, and the moral backbone it deserves is something we all should watch.

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