Humanity - Laws of Love (A letter to a Hindu)

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Laws of Newton, Laws of  Thermodynamics, Laws of gravity, I have heard about many more laws in science, but none in humanities until recently I read about the Laws of Love. While I was a student decades ago,  I wrote a humor post in my college magazine about love, 'Love-a Chemical Element'. A classmate and a neighbor of mine, accused me of plagiarism. A similar post was published somewhere else by somebody else.

It was also my humble attempt to publish in English. It showed me how even a friend or a neighbor can turn loveless or cruel to you. She didn't find anything in it appreciative. It pained me, for a long time I blamed myself for making that post, later on I dismissed all such thoughts and wondered why there were people like her in this world. It'not me alone having faced similar situations and similar people in life.

This lack of love, lack of care, or lack of humanity can manifest in many forms. Jealousy, violence, crime, oppression are some. It can create destructive  wedge between individuals, societies, communities, religious-political groups, nations, continents and so on. It's particularly a human faculty, no animals have gone on war expeditions, crossed continents and oceans to conquer the land and wealth that belonged to strangers and to oppress them with the silly excuse of superiority.  Among their superiority fiction include being born into superior races or incarnated from god's certain body parts.

What in actual fact, those 'superior' races did was creating destructive disarray among humans.  They stamped their ownership on everything they came across, the great discoveries and creations of the people who lived there since the beginning of time. They rewrote human history to suite their own theories.  Many of those societies knew about the laws of love and they had built up everything based on those laws. Those oppressors dismissed love using violence, crime, slavery and exploitation.

Many such oppressive distortions happened in the history of India, the latest among them the colonization by the British. Many Indians do not want even to hear about this now. They have their own reasons for this denial.  We have now passed on to the ultimate stage of oppression-the capitalist oppression, violence, criminality, superiority and lack of love. Colonialism in new forms.

The need for finding ways to uphold humanity and human values is more pressing now than ever before.  Last week I came upon Why We Hurt Each Other: Tolstoy's Letters to Gandhi on Love, Violence and the Truth of the Human Spirit  in Brain Pickings. According to BP, an Indian revolutionary Taraknath Das wrote to Leo Tolstoy, who by then was one of the most famous public figures of word, for his support in Indian independence struggle from the British colonists.  That was in 1908.  Tolstoy who was seeking answers to life's greatest moral questions answered him through a letter which was published in the then Indian newspaper 'Free Hindustan''.  The missive changed hands to hands and reached Gandhi who republished  it in his own South African newspaper 'Indian Opinion''.

Tolstoy's letter was later published in English under the title, ''A letter to a Hindu''. This is freely available on Kindle.  To those who are interested in the moral questions of humanity this is a good read. The central thread running through Tolstoy's letters is ''Love is the only way to save humanity from all ills.'' or the Laws of Love.

As a blogger, I'm interested in humanity and the real threats to humanity, and I believe many like me are interested in them. So, I share it here.

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