I watched her turning the corner at the four-way junction and pacing along the bulwark. Reaching our front gate she stopped. Clutching the gate latch, she pulled it with force. Unlatching, she opened the gate.  Now I'm able to see the dirt on the stained flowers on her tatterdemalion outfit that made me nauseate.

I went to draw the curtains, to hide away from her, but she saw me, her wandering eyes capturing me and eternizing me in her. She waved at me, I ignored her.

I saw her in my mind pacing along the cemented patio of our home, stepping on to the veranda, and glancing at our guard dog locked up inside the cage. He wags his tail friendly, and she waves at him. She knocks at the  kitchen door which is answered by my mother.

She enters our kitchen. She tries to charm my mother with a sort of a smile.  Her face is full of teeth because one or two are geminated. So she wouldn't be able to close her lips, they would remain parted. So she makes a sort of a smile.

She blames her teeth for men not liking her and her father not being able to find a match for her, but not her poverty.  She's a  quidnunc.  The moment she enters the kitchen she would unleash the gossip bundle, non-stop. The teacher staying in  front having an affair with a man as young as her son, the doctor practicing two door left was arrested by the police on rape charges. My mother blares her eyes at her when she opens her gossip mouth, she would stop for a while and in the next minute starts again. She is hidebound with gossip.

Sometimes she would complain about the middling facilities in our kitchen.  The other house she goes in the afternoon has driers and washing machines, the reason for her complain. The other day my mother was getting ready to sack her because of her gossip, but she gainsaid all her gossips.  

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