Fear Blocks Creativity- Willingness to Take Risks

Fear is a first class impediment to all sorts of human activities, creativity is one important among them.  Being bloggers we know it well. How many of our planned projects are simply gathering dust  in our inner world. We fear to bring them out before others. 

And whom do we fear? We fear everybody starting from our family and immediate relatives. Even in those you bestow complete trust might surprise you with their responses when you disclose your inner most desire - to  write a book. 

Well, in most cases, we can do nothing to better them. But we can do a lot to better us.  For that we should know what is it that we are fearing about. 

We are fearing failures.  True, like a storming hurricane it doesn't crash us physically, bu the damage is done inside. And we immediately associate this damage with our effort so we desist from it forever. After all, I do have a job or an earning husband or a wife, so why should I take the risk, our aching self would present before us so many excuses. 

According to psychologists, some of our fears are normal, and others abnormal and the later needs psychological attention.  Atychiphobia is one such abnormal fear about failure. Unwillingness to take risk is associated with it. Here is the story of a lady whose self doubt holds her back .  

She concludes her story: ''The adults who coached me meant well. It was their job to encourage privileged kids,but they did me a disservice when they led me to believe I was far more special than I really was, that success would come easily to me."  

The finger is pointed at care-taking adults; parents, family members, teachers etc.  Sometimes the opposite too happens, adults lead children to believe they are far less important than really they are. Society too should share a big chunk of this disservice or responsibility. It grants privileges to certain people simply on account of birth while demeaning the rest. 

So, the reasons for an adult fearing risk taking in creativity, goes far beyond him or her. 

Good thing is there are psychological methods available to identify our fears and to bring them under control. Some of them include intake of medicine, counselling and meditation. 

Acceptance of failure

If you are scared of failure, learn how to fail. In this, lies a psychological answer to overcome fears of failure. One of the most revolutionary changes that the educational thinkers of the past decade brought world over in education is allow learners to fail and learn from failures. There are countries paying only lip service to this even in 2015. Even parents, due to their relentless failure to accept failure often send their children to commit suicide.  

An in the field of creativity, rejection is a common thing. Here is an interesting story why writers should take rejection lightly 


According to psychologists, those who have self esteem, in-born or acquired, are the ones who come able to deal with failures as normal outcomes and to learn from them.  There are many explanations for self esteem that came to my notice, but this is what I understand from them :It's knowledge about self, means, one's positive or negative evaluation of self . I'm good at it, so I'm happy; I'm bad at it, so I should strive for better. 

The realization of self, immediately implies the other and the universe and the connection between them. This connection is something that has a bearing on one's belief. I'm not using this belief in the theological sense, but as a journey in search for truth. Theological belief asks me to take others truth, which are often adulterated versions of truth. Also, I believe, one purpose of creative writing is to find possible meanings to human sorrows, behaviors, and sufferings. This is not possible without seeking for the connection between the self and the universe or human connected-ness. 

In conclusion, one who is serious about creativity has to overcome fears of failure to be able to take risks and to march forward in giving meaning to human connectedness with others and with universe. This is my humble take on this.

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