Monday, June 8, 2015

Writing a Recipe for Human Mind

If there were no hunger would there be any food recipes. That is, if the growth and the well-being of our metabolism is sustained through breathing or a process equivalent to that, there wouldn't have been any hunger, or need for food. That alone would have cut down the world's activities and enterprises from its present measure to one forth or even less than that.

No food preparation, no food shows, no celebrity cook, no cook book, no recipe, no recipe- book, no restaurants, no hotels, no kitchen in our homes, no agriculture, no farming.  We can only imagine  how grotesque our world would have become.

So what all kinds of activities and enterprises in this world are sustained by that single factor called HUNGER and the other side of the coin RECIPE, have no end insight. There are many hungers, of course varying in terms of their intensities.  Hunger for  food is the most basic among all those, means its a need; without having food humans cannot survive.  But there are others that are not that basic for survival, called wants. This kind of classification between needs and wants as we all know is based on a conservative economic classification.  But we are now living in a modern world-order driven by capitalism and development, where conservative classifications have given way to a more liberal developmental classification.

According to this developmental classification, we can see many wants in the conservative set up readily becoming needs. Our views on human well-being and survival have undergone rapid improvements in the past decade.

As per this modern outlook, reading, information, knowledge, entertainments  are all hungers and they are kind of basic hungers or they are our needs.  In this information age, huger for information is basic.  Similarly hunger for reading. Hunger for reading can only be appeased by having the materials available for reading,  Writing produces that in the same way food recipes produces food. In that way WRITING  is a recipe. It's a recipe for making stuff for reading.

So we are living in a world, where writing is becoming more and more fulfilling the need of humanity.

When I was a teenager, I used to see girls older than me in my neighborhood talking and weeping when they came together as a group. I came to know, they were discussing the tragedies happening in the victims' life in the weekly stories they were reading. The victims were of course always the females.

 I used to wonder what was the need for their crying session. But, after many years, I could put thoughts into their crying responses.  By that time I have noticed that in almost all those weekly stories, ladies were the ones who were suffering, crying, and complaining.  And men  would always be the ones causing troubles. And the stories would always end in such ways that the ladies would bear the blame for all. And the writers were men.  And you can see now those men wrote novels, and stories to make them the agents of patriarchy.  Those novels have played a big role in those females lives in getting  them imbibed into the patriarchal notions of cultures. Things haven't changed for better even now.

The above incident did not happen in the modern time. My point is writing was always influential. But now its getting more recognition.  Also writing is not simply like a food recipe for abating human's physical hunger, it's more than that. It's a constructive force. It has the potential to influence human mind.

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tearing Eyes

 She slipped into a pyjama, pulled the matching top down over  her head, and draped a shall over her shoulders. She took the purse out of the briefcase and slipped the cellphone into it and locked the room.  The veranda was stained with foot steps, muddy. In big and small sizes, they spread from the entrance to each room like leaves on a tree's crown. She paused at the door to slip her legs into her slippers. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015


I watched her turning the corner at the four-way junction and pacing along the bulwark. Reaching our front gate she stopped. Clutching the gate latch, she pulled it with force. Unlatching, she opened the gate.  Now I'm able to see the dirt on the stained flowers on her tatterdemalion outfit that made me nauseate.

I went to draw the curtains, to hide away from her, but she saw me, her wandering eyes capturing me and eternizing me in her. She waved at me, I ignored her.

Humanity - Laws of Love (A letter to a Hindu)

(Photo from brain pickings)

Laws of Newton, Laws of  Thermodynamics, Laws of gravity, I have heard about many more laws in science, but none in humanities until recently I read about the Laws of Love. While I was a student decades ago,  I wrote a humor post in my college magazine about love, 'Love-a Chemical Element'. A classmate and a neighbor of mine, accused me of plagiarism. A similar post was published somewhere else by somebody else.

Monday, June 1, 2015

This Year's Winter

By this year's winter I would have left Cape town. That was according to my travel plan. The plan I made when I shifted to Capetown by the beginning of this year. Towards the end of April or by early May I would have landed in Kerala. By June I would be sitting in the sit out of my Kerala home, ears awaiting the  horrendous beat of that monster-the Monsoon.  But I'm still in my Capetown home. Plans are made to be broken too..

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fear Blocks Creativity- Willingness to Take Risks

Fear is a first class impediment to all sorts of human activities, creativity is one important among them.  Being bloggers we know it well. How many of our planned projects are simply gathering dust  in our inner world. We fear to bring them out before others. 

And whom do we fear? We fear everybody starting from our family and immediate relatives. Even in those you bestow complete trust might surprise you with their responses when you disclose your inner most desire - to  write a book. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Can You Learn to be Creative?

Can you learn to be creative? Of course you can. If one's not convinced about that, look around, and have a comparison between the world you saw ten years ago and now. That we are now able to have this discussion itself is proving we are creative. Before ten years, me sitting in Africa had to wait for weeks or even months to know what were happening in the lives of my people at home in Kerala, and in my country. But the internet made it possible that information is a matter of seconds or minutes. What we need are the right gadgets like computers, cell phones etc. These gadgets are the outcomes of human creativity. They initially have been formed as ideas in human minds. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

How did it all start?

I'm trying to remember, how had it all started. No, it wasn't due to any kind of physical pull that I grabbed that little pencil. But due to an inner urge from my mind. Though, at eight, I knew nothing about mind.